Friday, 15 June 2012

Early Summer

 Once more the summer sun is smiling
nestled 'tween the lacy clouds
not fully formed in morning splendour,
whispering, not shouting loud
the birds compete to sing their hearts out
singing tales to everyone,
"Listen! Listen! I'm the loudest!
Hear my song! Enjoy the sun!"

 Last night's rain on grass-blade lingers
lupin diamonds - teasel cups
filled with freshness, purest water
whence the bird and insect sups
The path is drying, heat reflecting,
warming stone beneath the foot
and yet the soil remains dark coloured
demanding still the gardener's boot

Soon the sun will reach her zenith
soil will lighten, dry to dust
watering can will be in use for
needy plants, for drink they must
I love the early summer colours
long before they dry and fade,
the warmer months will lose their brightness
but that's the price that must be paid

Later summer bears the fruit
of early care and gentle rain
the gardener rests indoors at midday
too hot outdoors to remain
later naps reclining deckchair
hat pulled down across the eyes
gentle smile while quietly snoring
dreaming early summer skies.

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