Friday, 15 June 2012

Brief Storm

 Brief storm.

Rain is falling, straight as stair rods
shortest route in heaven descent
bouncing hard upon the concrete
raising spray of droplets rent
now the hail is rattling earthbound
striking hard on pantile roof
hard ice pellets bouncing sideways
missiles that provide the proof.
Lightning flash, and seconds later
growling grumble thunder roar
then one more, and yet another,
cold wind rattling at the door.
Leaden skies have switched the sun off
all is sombre, heavy, cold
the storm has cast its heavy mantle
extinguishing the orb of gold
But, what is this, this chink of light
that lifts the mantle's corner fast?
Storm-cock sings "Awake! Awake!
All is safe, the storm is past!"
Blackbird joins in with the singing
jubilant that all is well
and Phoebe smiles, the clouds move on,
and leave the freshest ozone smell.

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