Friday, 25 March 2016


Sunset over Scarning Village

I've been feeling a bit troubled recently with all the political crap that I'm coming across. This puts my feelings into words.


The sun is bright, but has no warmth
the days are growing longer
Winter's truly done and gone
but I'm not growing stronger
I need to set the blood a-coursing
throughout my limbs so weary
but there's too much crap inside my head
and I sit here feeling teary

Is it me or is it them?
that cause me so much trouble
that make me feel that all is bad -
reduce my heart to rubble
It seems to be a daily fight
to find a happy thought
when the world around me isn't just,
and doing what it ought

I read the words and hear them said
and try to understand them
and assay to divine the truth
but find I can't command them
there's lie on lie, and lie returned
all words of propaganda
and liars thrive within the hive
paid out with a backhander

So if I say "the truth to tell"
I mean it as I find it
and cannot offer guarantees
to the truth that lies behind it
for I can only speak out loud
of truth as it's presented
but walls are built with bricks of lies
and with more lies cemented

© Rob King