Friday, 25 March 2016


Sunset over Scarning Village

I've been feeling a bit troubled recently with all the political crap that I'm coming across. This puts my feelings into words.


The sun is bright, but has no warmth
the days are growing longer
Winter's truly done and gone
but I'm not growing stronger
I need to set the blood a-coursing
throughout my limbs so weary
but there's too much crap inside my head
and I sit here feeling teary

Is it me or is it them?
that cause me so much trouble
that make me feel that all is bad -
reduce my heart to rubble
It seems to be a daily fight
to find a happy thought
when the world around me isn't just,
and doing what it ought

I read the words and hear them said
and try to understand them
and assay to divine the truth
but find I can't command them
there's lie on lie, and lie returned
all words of propaganda
and liars thrive within the hive
paid out with a backhander

So if I say "the truth to tell"
I mean it as I find it
and cannot offer guarantees
to the truth that lies behind it
for I can only speak out loud
of truth as it's presented
but walls are built with bricks of lies
and with more lies cemented

© Rob King


  1. Well said Rob; I feel exactly like this too. I try and do that thing Inara recommends but then along comes something so heinous I have to respond, my sense of justice demands it. I don't know what the answer is- perhaps having set days when we refuse to get involved and just go with the flow? You've captured the angst wonderfully!

  2. Thank you Lynne - I think it has to come to that as I don't want to burn out with this cause.

  3. Well expressed, and I understand exactly how you feel Rob as I was once very passionate about what was right and wrong. But you know, it kinda wears one out getting angry and exasperated, so I made a decision - my well-being was more important. Each one of us is a little light in the Universe, and if we keep that light filled with positive vibration I reckon, together, we will make the world a better place. But it's up to us to do it and not let politicians or any other negativity tear it to pieces. I have strong views regarding many things, but I would never let it bring me down. I won't be crushed by what others say or do. If I allowed it my heart would break, and I can't live like that. I am very aware that if I focus on the negativity and what's wrong in the world rather than the positive outcomes, I am adding to the negative vibration, and that kinda scares me so I don't do it. Can you imagine if we all made our little corner of the world a positive place, and only focused on that? You might say that I'm living in LaLa Land and dreaming, but it's a wonderful dream, and I'm stickin' with it. Keep strong my friend. XX

  4. Thank you for your comment Inara. I know how you feel about these things, and how well you rise above it all and keep a positive mindset. For me, it's all about balance. While I truly want to see life the way you do, and try my best to keep a positive outlook, I am also not prepared to allow these global bullies to do their thing unchallenged. For me, the sad thing is that for most of my life I have been apolitical - not quite apathetic, but too busy to take much notice of how civilisation as we know it is being eroded by the greed and corruption that is gaining strength every where you look, until it's reached the point where all decency on a public level is under threat of extinction. I appreciate that on a personal level, there are still a lot of good and kind people out there, and I like to think that in my own way, I do my bit as far as that goes.
    Now that we have access to more open information, via the internet, I feel a duty in my dotage to pass the word on as much as possible, as there are many blind people out there in the world - some blind because they do not see, and others blind because they will not see.
    Now and then, I feel a bit overwhelmed by it all, which is what prompted this poem, and so I'll take a break from it, and hopefully come back to it feeling somewhat refreshed. Thank you for kind words and your guidance Inara, and for the love that you so freely give. XX

    1. Maybe we will all go down the plughole with all the corruption. If we do, then civilization will just rise again and probably repeat the process. I have a feeling this has all happened before. Every soul who is part of it is learning something on a higher level. That's why we're here. The thing is, for change to occur, we all have to 'be the change' on a personal level - on the inside, from our hearts. That's ultimately what makes the difference. I appreciate how much you care. X

    2. Indeed - civilisations come, and civilisations go, and I'm certain that our present one will be no different, but I'm hoping that in time, mankind will evolve to a much higher plane than that on which we now stand, not by threat of hell or promise of heaven, but by the rational realisation that we really don't need any of that stuff, and there is plenty of everything for all to share. The possibilities are infinite.
      Thank you for the inspiration. X

    3. I totally and absolutely agree. I've always felt there would be a 'time of light' on this planet and it would be during my lifetime. There are many who think like we do and see that it is entirely possible to live with love and not by control. Lets keep that light shining within us shall we? x :)