Saturday, 30 June 2012

Day One

Day one

This morning I decided that if I'm to be a poet
I must write a work of verbal art each day
and if I'm really clever, and I work very hard
I might even make this rhyming writing pay
I've written quite a lot so far, and some of it's quite good
at least that's what my faithful friends have told me
so I'll double up my efforts and not wait for inspiration
I'll use my brain and write it as it should be.

Sometimes I've written poems where I've merely held the pen
and the spirit poured the words out in a flow
that I'd really no control of from beginning to the end
for the poem knew just where it had to go.
At other times I struggle, changing sentences around
adjusting words to try and find the metre
or searching in my memory for another rhyming word
and I'll find it, or my middle name's not Peter (tee hee)

I like to write of things I see, just ordinary sights
and ideas and sensations that assail me
of friendships and of concepts and other abstract stuff
that just pop into my head as they avail me.
So this is opus number 1, the first of many works
that I intend to add to the collection
And I'm hoping by this time next year, I'll be publishing a book
containing a significant selection.

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