Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Another Poem

First Date

We shared a bench for lunchtime
Miss Amanda Trott and I
she had a pot of salad,
And I had Grosvenor pie
I really liked her company
but couldn't help wonder why
She'd asked if she might share a bench
with me.

The sun was very pleasant
neither too hot, nor too cool
and childrens voices cracked the air
down by the paddling pool
Amanda chatted easily so
I didn't feel a fool,
I just answered all her questions and
we smiled

I could feel the threads between us
building layers like a rope
Her easy manner helped me,
made me feel that I could cope
and although I wasn't confident
It really gave me hope.
that we might do the same again

My watch relayed the message
it was time for us to part
but I really felt attachment
by these strings from heart to heart
so I blurted out the question
"Do you think that we could start
to see each other when we aren't
here working?"

She looked at me quite kindly
and then she gave a wink
and she said "I'm doing nothing
Sunday lunch-time - do you think
that if I gave you my phone number,
you could take me for a drink?"
and I just sat there with my eyes and mouth
wide open.

Well, we couldn't leave the park through
separate gates now, that was clear
although that was the way we entered
when we first came here
so she took my arm,(the rope intact)
and I grinned from ear to ear,
and we walked back to work again

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