Friday, 17 February 2012

Some new poems


sometimes I am full of it
but sometimes I have none
at times like that I'm boring
when I should be having fun
sometimes I'd really like to fly
just too close to the sun
but I imagine that it's pretty hot up there.

I wish I could imagine
just how bonny life could be
if I leapt at all my chances,
took the ones
would set me free
but my feet are welded to the ground
and that's 'cause I am me
and I can't imagine being someone else.

It really is quite difficult
to rearrange your life
find positive, lose negative,
and do away with strife
when the person that you really are
is holding up a knife
to your throat, and saying
"Go on then, I dare you"

I imagine that it's really nice to
disregard the past,
to say it doesn't matter now,
because it's gone at last
We're here now, and the future's coming.
better change things fast
or we'll miss It, and then
It will be all over.

These next two verses came when I struggled to write anything for a week, then a couple of days later, all was mended.

The missing Muse

Has anybody seen my Muse?
She was here the other day
but I started to write a poem just now
and She seems to have gone away.
I've looked all around inside my mind
to see where she could be hiding,
but all I could find was a jumble of words
that neither rhymed nor made sense.

(at that point my computer froze, so I took it to be the end )


Two days later:-

She's back! She's back! My muse is back!
She hadn't gone away,
She was just playing hide-and-seek
and giggling like She's fey
She really is a rascal,
but she always gets her way
'cause She knows I really can't exist without her.

She popped up in an email
and chuckled on my screen
She winked and blew me kisses
like some little Faery Queen
but when I get my hands on her
I'll ask her where she's been
and tell Her I just can't exist without Her.

Such is Life.

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