Saturday, 14 January 2012

Butterfly Mind

I've grown so tired of busy-ness
all my life to work and slave
to have, to make, to grow, to own
is how I was taught to behave

But was I meant to be tied down?
My mind is as a butterfly
from this to that, uncharted course
in nectar search, no question why

I find a flower, I dip my tongue
to find sweet sustenance within
I taste new flavours, fill myself
with pleasures new, just mine to win

I seek the sun, I search for warmth
I rest and spread my wings to dry
then sensing breeze, I lift again
as others watch me flutter by

I was a caterpillar once
and all I did was eat and sleep,
Now memories of that trying time
would, if I cared, just make me weep.

I know my days are numbered now
and winter soon will vanquish me
but 'til it does, it's my intent
to share my beauty, and just be!

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