Sunday, 20 November 2011

To my Dad

While attending a Christening today, these words came to me.

 To My Dad

I never really understood you.
you were far too busy
working to feed me
and I was far too busy
being me.
all those split shifts
that meant that
I never saw you
but gave you
more money
to spend on living
I never understood
From that day
of my birth
you were always
years older than me
an old man forever
at a christening
buffet at the pub
room full of
old people
many younger
than I
but somehow older
baby leon
in dads arms
dad twenty-four year old
giant to the baby’s eyes
forever that same
age difference
between them
I am ten years
older than you Dad
and in my mind
I’m still
your boy
but somehow
I understand
It took a long time

I loved you

I miss you

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