Friday, 21 October 2011

Wannabee Songwriter's lament

All my life I've been a singer,
for as long as I recall
I've sung the songs that others wrote,
be they songs of love or gall,
but now I feel the time has come;
the writing's on the wall
It's time I wrote a song of my own.

I've learnt to play some instruments,
for years I've played guitar.
I also play the fiddle, but
guitar's the best by far
if you 're wanting to accompany
yourself when you're a star
Just need to write a song of my own.

I've been practising my poetry,
which I do, from time to time.
I'm not too bad at meter, and
I usually make it rhyme
so basically, I'm set to go
I'm in my writer's prime
so, I'll sit and write a song of my own

I've sat here now for seven hours,
or maybe even more
there's reams of scribbled paper
lying wasted on the floor
and i'm really sick of playing now,
my finger tips are raw
Why can't I write a song of my own?

I've got a mate who writes great songs
he really is quite clever
at thinking up a subject,
putting words and tune together.
but his playing's mediocre,
as for rhyming? hardly ever
That's why I can't write a song of my own.

Maybe I wasn't born to write a song
it's not why I am here
maybe there's another reason why
the muse has steered quite clear
Oh well! at least I tried. I think
I'll have another beer
'cause i'll never write a song of my own.


  1. keep trying Rob I'm sure it will come one day. But the poetry is

  2. I think you've answered your own question bob :-)

  3. Wossisname said about Thingummy, 'Scribble, scribble, scribble, eh Mr Gibbons?'. You just have to keep on keeping on...