Thursday, 29 September 2011

A couple of days away

Having worked through several weekends recently, and having heard that the weather forecast was going to be very good for a while, we decided that it would be a good idea to attach the tin tent to the back of the car, and drag it somewhere quiet for a couple of days, and just have a look about. The last thing I wanted to do was drive any distance, so we opted for the North East corner of Norfolk, about an hour from home, but an area we rarely adventured into. Passport country for us.
It was also going to be different in as much as we were going from Monday, back Wednesday, so not a weekend but it should be nice and quiet for us, which was what we were after. We took our bikes as well, and were looking forward to a bit of a ride round.
The internet provided us with a good looking campsite behind  The Goat Inn  at Skeyton, just along from Burgh-next-Aylsham.
The next 2 days were spent enjoying brilliant weather, and here are a few pics to prove it .

This must be the smallest dual carriageway in Britain. About a mile or so long, it is comprised of 2 single track roads. I wonder if the 70MPH speed limit applies?   
Outside the Rising sun, coltishall, on the banks of the Bure.
sundown from our caravan door
Just a breakwater on Mundesley beach
rusting sea defences , Mundesley beach 
Sitting outside the The Cockerel Deli & Restaurant in North Walsham. We had just eaten an amazing roast lunch, that consisted of Roast beef roast spuds, boiled spuds, yorkies, and 5 other vegetables, all superbly cooked. . To  make it even better, the waitress igratiated herself to Julie by asking if she would like more gravy, before Julie had even thought about it. Julie always wants more gravy ;0) All this at an excellent price too. i thoroughly recommend it. . Oops, nearly forgot, we also came away with 2 slices of the biggest and best slices of Lardy cake I've ever had. Delicious.   

We managed to fit in a visit to friends in Tunstead, who live in a heavenly place, full of ongoing art projects. I satisfied my need to pat dogs there, as they have two of the most gorgeous deer-hound crosses you'd ever wish to see.
We also managed to time it right so that we were able to go to the session at the Orchard Garden in North walsham on Tuesday night. Met up with old friends there, and had a good sing and play.
All in, a really good break.

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