Monday, 21 November 2011

Norfolk & Norwich

These days its very fashionable to slate every aspect of the National Health Service in Britain, and the media are often joyful in their reporting of its failures.
I just thought I might redress the balance a little.

Today, I went to the Norfolk & Norwich hospital to have an inguinal hernia repaired. I was already very pleased that the hospital were agreeable to my deferring the operation until my work load would allow it, so I was able to continue working through the busy Summer period.
The whole experience was incredibly smooth, and nothing about it was unpleasant.
I had to be at the hospital before 7am, as I was first on the surgeons list. There were 90 other day surgery cases that day so, the staff were very busy, but at no time did I feel neglected.
From the first moment of checking in, to the moment I checked out, I was treated with the utmost respect and care.
The job was done quickly, but efficiently, as far as I know (I was under general anaesthetic) and I woke an hour later in the recovery room. When the nurse was assured that I was OK and compos mentis, I was wheeled through into the low-dependency ward, where I was allowed to catch up on a bit of sleep.
I felt ready to come home at 11 o/c, but the staff said they didn't think so yet. I was fed a decent lunch, which was far better than I expected - both hot and tasty.
By the middle of the afternoon, I was considered well enough to leave, and given all the aftercare advice that I needed.Having been home 5 hours now, I am really comfortable, and have nothing but praise for the staff of the Norfolk and Norwich.

Thank you all.

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