Thursday, 8 December 2011

You know how it is when a person becomes totally engrossed in what they are doing, to the exclusion of all else?
I've seen it time and time again, but I'm afraid I wasn't built that way. I've got an in-built Lazy gene, which tends to take over unless it's really, really important to get something done, and then I'll do it, but grudgingly. But there can be advantages to not piling in and doing stuff. Sometimes, the stuff you did wasn't worth doing, and could have been avoided, saving you a whole lot of anguish ;0)

Good job were aren't all the same isn't it?

Anyway, this poem sort of spilled out of me.


What is it that drives you?
What is it makes you tick?
That makes you single minded,
that gives you such a kick?
When you set yourself a project,
how do you set your mind
to shut out every other thing
and leave this world behind?
You forget about your breakfast
your mug of tea not drunk
and if you're asked a question
you retreat into a funk
where do you get this vision
that this thing must be done
before you will allow yourself
to go and have some fun?
I'd really like to understand
what goes on in your brain
but it's really quite unstoppable
and not unlike a train
whose course is fixed and charted
and cannot be undone
until it reaches journey's end
with nowhere else to run
I'd like to have just some of this,
this feeling that you get
the desire to see things progress
to see the deadlines met.
but I'm not sure I could cope wth it
I couldn't drive this rig
but that's OK 'cause I'm a poet
and I don't give a fig.

I do really but it's horses for courses ennit?
Carry on the good work


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  1. Thanks Bob!

    Like this one.. Was reading at a much faster pace than I usually would with a poem... just as I began to wonder why, I reached 'but it's really quite unstoppable / and not unlike a train' ... nuff said! :-)