Saturday, 7 September 2013


I haven't written for a while, but here's a little something I've just put together.


I feel the need to write today
although I haven't much to say
not much, that is, that makes much sense
I feel I'm perched upon the fence.
My mind is filled with questions, sure,
but lying round me on the floor
are  answers, screwed up, thrown away
detritus of a fruitless day.

I never have been much at ease
at seeing wood because the trees
are almost always in the way
and block my vision, sad to say.
But should I rouse, and take a stand
on subjects that of me demand
opinions strong, I know I'll rue
when I hear the others' points of view.

My mind is swirling in full spate
made giddy by the great debate
that voices make, while shouting loud
each side appealing to the crowd.
They bend the facts, tell downright lies
they hide the truth from searching eyes
but if another proves them wrong
they start up with a different song.

And so I ask "Whom to believe?
Who is not trying to deceive?
Where do I find the one to trust,
the one whose cause is true and just?"
I fear that I will never find
an answer fitting to my mind
I know not where to make my mark
while groping blindly in the dark.

© Rob King 2013


  1. You have it in a nutshell - and very poetically put as well. (Not intended as poetry, not deliberately rhyming!)

    I think we have reached a point where there is no party which satisfactorily reflects our personal philosophies any more. I feel quite depressed about it if I dwell too long on it.

    1. Thanks Lynne -I feel it's the "Party" aspect of politics which is the major part of the problem. When all the energy is spent on in-fighting, there is none left for national interest.

  2. Very well written Rob, and would reflect how many feel these days. I have long since given up feeling passionate about politics, but I do hold this magnificent vision that one day the major parties will work together for the good of all. In the meantime I do my best in my little corner of the world and try to spread as much sunshine as I can. :)

    1. I have a dream!.....;)
      Just keep spreading that sunshine Inara - it goes further than you might think :)