Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Field Maple

Field Maple

Field-maple seed, with twin attached
so silent whirrs, on autumn breeze
and slowly earthward progress makes
away from parent trees.

Touching down it comes to rest
among the upright blades of grass
and nestling closer to the soil
awaits my foot to pass

Delicate wing so soon decays
as Winter water wets the earth
and foot-fall comes and presses seed
to find a place of birth.

When daylight lengthens after snow
seed case splits, root downward probes
and shedding case with upward thrust
reveals two unfurled lobes

Now the time of greatest danger
grazers teeth or mower blade
but fallen branch provides new shelter
first year leaves now fade

Second spring the whip is taller
standing higher than the sward
proudly bearing leaves palmatum
thrusting heavenward.

The branch is moved, the sapling spotted
trowel uproots and lifts it clear
the end of Maple's fine endeavours?
never need to fear.

With care the the sapling is replanted
In a hedge-gap by the lane
and safely there, the maple starts
the cycle once again.

Not many years before the maple
showers seeds with coupled flights
and spreads it's progeny to leeward
small green whirling kites.

©Rob King 2013


  1. I enjoyed the poetry - and the story.

  2. Love it,,I can picture the entire process and it's lovely,,:-)

  3. What a lovely piece on nature-based topic... you know the wild well, it would seem :) Green thumb

    1. Thanks Luke - I spent half my life in the city, and the second half in the country, where I feel much more at home, but I've always had a leaning toward nature, and coupled with an inquisitive mind, I know a little about a lot, country-wise.