Monday, 25 March 2013

Spring/Winter (Sprinter)

There was a time I do recall
when seasons stood their test.
each came at its allotted time
and strove to do its best.
In recent years, I 've noticed though
that seasons are less caring
they come and go just as they please
with little pleasure sharing.
Is this just me interpreting
the memories of my youth?
or have the seasons, like myself
grown too long in the tooth
I find it very tiresome now
there being no rhyme or reason
Why I cannot enjoy the day
within the proper season.

Rob King 2013


  1. you put your finger on the spot -
    the people are complaining!
    It's freezing when it should be hot-
    dry when it should be raining.


  2. I'm glad my finger's on the spot
    I'm pleased it's not my nose
    for work will warm my fingers up
    but nasally, I'll stay froze!

    I think I've got quite a future as a purveyor of doggerel, don't you Lynne? ;0)

  3. Good poem ... I reckon it's how most of us feel these days. The seasons, they are definitely a changing! :)