Monday, 4 March 2013

One of my passions

Looking up, I see a world transformed
a world where nature paints for me an ever-changing view
I close my eyes, and turning down my head,
remember it, and try to capture every subtle hue.
Impossible - I feel the need to look again,
incline my face toward the blue with furbelows of white
I can't hold back - I lift my eyes to see
a different masterpiece she's painted for me, perfect, right.

And so throughout my day, this scene repeats
a gallery of pictures, just one subject 'fore me stands,
a view from just one minute place on earth,
a different scene entirely though, when seen from others' lands
I count myself a very lucky man
to understand the treasure that before me I behold
So grateful I, my eye allowed to see
this mobile painted heavenly vault, magnificent and bold.

©Rob King 2013


  1. Lovely words, Rob, and a great photo as well. Now get those paints out and re-create your memories!

    1. Just got some more gardening to do first - then there's a couple of tunes I need to learn, Oh look at that sky - where's my camera? - etc etc
      I will get there

  2. Beautifully said and such a lovely photo - I love cloud-watching when the sky is like that .... I see all manner of things in the shapes of the clouds! Cathy

    1. Thanks Cathy - that was last Summer at Ringstead. If you haven't seen them, there are more sky shots here:- :0)

  3. Thanks bob - you've captured this whole cloud-watching thing perfectly :-)

    1. Thanks Neil - I knew you'd understand! :0)

  4. Beutiful, Robert :) I love this photo and the poem. So much beauty in nature, and artists often see that in fresh and bold eyes :)

  5. Thank you Yiota - you are always so encouraging. :)