Saturday, 13 August 2011

Under Lock and Key

I wrote this after yet another episode of "Anyone seen my keys?"

Under Lock and Key

If just one wish were given me
That I might change the fate of man,
I’d wish to lose the lock and key,
For that is where mistrust began

No secrets hidden by locked doors,
nor jangling bunch my pockets tear,
no valued things inside locked drawers;
Perhaps we’d learn again to share.

When first into the world we came
We carried nothing; even breath
Was given up for use again
And so it is upon our death

Let gates and doors be left undone
Let strangers come and step inside
Respect and trust each mother’s son
For what on Earth have we to hide

For all the things we think we own
We fool ourselves to think we need
in truth belong to everyone;
the only thing we own is greed

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