Sunday, 21 August 2011


"What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies". - Aristotle

 You know how it is when you find a new friend, and you really hit it off?

 It's not something that happens often in our lives, but these are the friendships that you know are going to last a long time - the friendships that are to die for. 

I'm very lucky. I've made a lot of friends in my lifetime. Although they are all good people, and I'm really fond of them, time and circumstance have an erosive effect, and gradually you are in touch with them less and less, until you reach a point where you feel you have not enough in common to stay in contact, and you allow them to drift off your page. 

But then, every now and again, there just comes that someone who you know will always be there.  You could even call it a different form of love if you wish, but it doesn't have to be the all-consuming love that requires passion and fertility. This is something different - 
the love between Soulmates. 


She didn't have to answer me, and offer her advice,
she didn't even have to talk, but she was rather nice
about the things I mentioned, and she responded in a trice, and I'm really pleased she did
because I liked her.

We talked of this and that, and how and why, with all things covered
and before we knew, we'd talked of things we'd only just discovered
about ourselves, each other and some subjects that we'd smothered
from our former lives.

We spoke for many hours, re-living lives we'd lived before
and we chattered on and off about the ever open door
that we'd found between ourselves, and we went off to explore
the space between us.

Although there was no possibility of life fruition
we spoke of depth of friendship, and she gave me her permission
to stay forever in her life, and that would be my mission
to care for her.

I'm happy that she sees me as a friend that she can trust,
someone who really cares for her, but doesn't need the lust
that lovers need to keep themselves from later going bust
my Soulmate

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  1. This is wonderful; I can't wait to show it to mine. ;-)