Thursday, 11 June 2015

Olivia Juliette

You cleave unto my wool-clad chest
as a starfish to a rock
with tiny perfect fingers clenched
and bootied feet a-splay
I watch you as you dream in sleep
of things you know-not-what
and caress your gossamer covered head
and hold you, while I may.

I kiss your head, and smell your skin
and taste the peace within you
Your tiny lungs take in a breath
and gently let it go
I watch your rib-cage rise and fall
so slight, it's barely moving
my giant hands hold you in place
but I don't think you know.

I wonder if there'll be a time
from deep within your memory
that you will get a feeling that
I kept you safe and warm
while you just lay there sleeping
and listening to my heartbeat
unworried and cocooned in love
protected from all harm.

For you, I wish a peaceful life
a life of constant loving
that you might give, and yet receive
all pleasure, without end
For holding you so close to me
I feel a bond between us
unknowingly, you give me love
my darling little friend.


  1. Just beautiful, Rob, What a lucky little girl she is, having such love, and I bet by the time she grows up - a stack of wonderful poems all about herself!

    1. Thank you Lynne - I'm lucky to know her :)