Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Internet

Since I've had access to the rest of the world via the internet - about ten years now - I've come to realise just what an amazing bunch of people there are living in this world.
People who connect, and are willing to share whatever it is they have in their lives, be it something very small and seemingly insignificant, or something blindingly life-changing. There are people from all walks of life, from all over the world, living in situations ranging from near poverty to having everything they need, doing all kinds of jobs, or voluntary work, or art, all with their own particular interests and passions, but the one thing they all have in common is sharing.

I feel very privileged to have "met" so many of these people, and to have shared friendship with them, even though I might never physically meet, touch, or talk to most of them. Even so, there is a bond between us all, like strings that connect us, and the more we give of ourselves, the more connections are made and strengthened.
I consider that I have friends in places and positions that I once never knew of, and every one of them teaches me a little more of their world every time we connect, and they learn a little more about me at the same time.
This connection is the remover of ignorance - the slayer of fear, and the unifying factor that should be in everybody's life, not just the lives of the chosen few.

The word love is used a lot among these friends of mine, and it has very special meaning for me, as it reminds me that we are all one, all of the same source, a part of the same universe.
I don't give a fig for religion - my personal belief is that religion is an artifice, a man made system that has been designed primarily to control, and I'll have no part of it. Let others believe as they will.
My one wish is that EVERYBODY could have the opportunities that the internet has given me - the chance to connect, without let or hindrance, to every other person in the world, and to share, and to love.

Hmmmm - that turned into a bit of a rant, didn't it?

I'll lighten up now with a pretty picture, and a poem from  2 years ago, all about love. :0)

First Date

We shared a bench for lunchtime
Miss Amanda Trott and I
she had a pot of salad,
And I had Grosvenor pie
I really liked her company
but couldn't help wonder why
She'd asked if she might share a bench 
with me.

The sun was very pleasant
neither too hot, nor too cool
and childrens voices cracked the air
down by the paddling pool
Amanda chatted easily so
I didn't feel a fool,
I just answered all her questions and 
we smiled

I could feel the threads between us
building layers like a rope
Her easy manner helped me,
made me feel that I could cope
and although I wasn't confident
It really gave me hope.
that we might do the same again

My watch relayed the message 
it was time for us to part
but I really felt attachment 
by these strings from heart to heart
so I blurted out the question
"Do you think that we could start
to see each other when we aren't 
here working?"

She looked at me quite kindly
and then she gave a wink
and she said "I'm doing nothing 
Sunday lunch-time - do you think
that if I gave you my phone number,
you could take me for a drink?"
and I just sat there with my eyes and mouth 
wide open.

Well, we couldn't leave the park through 
separate gates now, that was clear
although that was the way we entered 
when we first came here
so she took my arm,(the rope intact)
and I grinned from ear to ear,
and we walked back to work again

© Rob King


  1. 'ere, does Julie know about this Trott woman?? ;) Seriously, lovely pome and I don't consider your post a rant.You've said it for all of us, I think!

    1. Lynne, after I wrote that poem, I found myself googling "Amanda Trott", just in case I was slandering anybody! I have no idea where I got the name from, it just appeared under my finger-tips.

      Thank you for your lovely comment! :0)

  2. Bravo! In cyberspace you select your friends based on their intellect and find out what they look like in reality later, in reality you select friends based on looks and find out about their intellect later. I prefer the former style of picking friends. Now you know why you are on my friends list. :D


    1. Yes I agree, Anis. Our cyber friends come without prejudice or preconception, and need no embodiment, they just are, and love is all.

  3. Love this post, this poem, and your revelations. Made me teary eyed....I love my online friends, love discovering them and exploring each other. It humbles me. I choose to celebrate difference. You words are music to my soul. Denise

    1. Thank you Denise - so very kind of you to comment. I wish you every enjoyment in your retirement, your writing, and your life. XX