Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Just another day!

Facebook, Facebook
everybody take a look
see who's really happy now
or see who's really sad
post, like, poke, share
I don't really have a care
'cause the worlds gone mad! 

©Rob King


  1. Erm ......yeah. I think. LOL. ;)

  2. I searched high and low o'er vale and hills in a quest that proved eventful.(to be cont...)

    A basket-maker of high renown and a poet wrapped up in one of those time warped locations only known to but a few. I must arise and get out of my pyjamas and a County of Norfolk must I seek, while it is still unravaged by North Sea storms and those Scandinavian scoundrels that roll in the snow.
    (c) WrinklyWriter 2013

    1. Sounds like a book in the offing there Robin! Take up your pens! :)