Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I want to paint!

For a long time I have harboured the desire to paint, and yet I never do. I must overcome this and get started.

I Will Paint!

I long to paint - to make bold strokes
with splashing brush across the page;
to stand well back, with bristled sword;
"Have at thee,canvas. Bear my rage!"
To mark and scar, and thus win over
whitest maiden, pure and clean
and leave her glorious, burst with colour
blossoming like she were a Queen.
My strokes cut clean decisive sweeps
but cov'ring every woven thread,
my dashing boldness never falters,
crimson blood runs to my head.
My pallette shield, it's border garnished,
liquid gems of brilliant hue,
from Yellow Chrome, Sienna, Umber,
vermillion, lamp-black, Prussian Blue.
The Shield-boss littered, swirling shades
of mixes now redundant, dry,
while space remains, yet to be filled
with newer fresher blends to try.
And as my rage begins to leave me
tenderness will then ensue
and finer brush, with closer working,
emphasise the detail true.
At last, I know, will come the moment,
when the last brush-stroke is made,
when all my passion is before me
rightly on the canvas laid.
and I, with empty heart and vision,
brushes cleaned and pallette dry
will turn away to seek fresh canvas,
brushing teardrop from my eye.

© Rob King 2013


  1. Blimey! Exhausted just reading this! I can just visualise the event.

    So, do you paint? Do you make time to sit down with paint and brush and canvass and lay some colour down? Or is your passion sublimated through the lens of your camera? Is it enough?

  2. I have had a little skirmish with brushes once or twice, but nothing serious, but YES I want to paint - it's just a question of getting started.

  3. nice..love the passion in this and wonder how the painting would look like if you had painted instead of writing a poem.. both great ways to express what's in our heart..

  4. strong imagery of someone who is painting putting his soul in the whole process :) poets paint with words, as one friend said :) the passion of the artist comes from the heart :)

  5. ah really nice...you capture that spurting of passion from us when we are so caught up in our art...we lose a bit of ourselves...and love the turn as well to tenderness toward the final strokes and being emptied out...a tear...nice...

  6. Dear paintless soul, to paint black holes and learn the knack, remove the black. Mwah.

  7. rhythm and action. the end of a queen and a new canvas. good luck with painting =)