Saturday, 26 May 2012

On a day such as this

On a day such as this,
The sun too white to paint
set in a sky too blue to believe
over trees too green to colour
the air too clear to see
in the breeze too cool to feel
with silence so quiet you can hear it
walking on stone too hot to touch
flanked by grass still moist with dew
against the shading hedge.

Not for me the heaving beach
the froth of humanity
with sandy sandwiches
and dripping ice-creams
salmon pink flesh
in unaccustomed exposure
squawking children
blissfully unaware of anything
but their joyful play
Dogs body-surfing
and snapping at the waves
with gilded Phoebe relentless
in her melting light.

I stalk along the edge of the wood
the shade inviting
the silence quieting with leaves shimmering
in the cooling breeze
The field of barley set beside me
with breeze blown waves
drifting across the standing ears
too early yet
for the heads to be hanging.
I stand
perfectly still
and absorb this heaven
that today was made
just for me.