Saturday, 28 April 2012

Do You Mind?

Not if you don't.

It has been said that I'm losing my mind
but I'm not sure I had one in the first place
As a child I was told
I didn't have a mind of my own
but I was frequently asked
to make my mind up
so I did
then someone shouted "Mind out!"
so I got rid of it.
then someone else reminded me
but not liking that one
I changed my mind.
I started to wonder
where my mind was.
That question
was on my mind for ages.
Was it inside me?
Nope - they said
I must be out of my mind,
so I guess I must have been inside it
at one time.
Unsure of my position,
there came the dreadful realisation
that possibly
I was in two minds.
While searching for it
my boss told me my mind
wasn't on the job
I told him to mind his own business
so he gave me a piece of his mind
and a sack to put it in.
I didn't mind
it was mindless work anyway.

© R King 2012

1 comment:

  1. Just what I need at lunchtime - my mind in knots! :-)